125cc Cobra Scooter Review 2013

The 125 CC cobra for 2013 shows the commitment that this manufacturer has to updating their bikes on a regular basis. Compared with the same branded moped from only two years ago there are some subtle but very good changes. We’d like to think that our appraisal played some part in this, but we doubt that’s really the case.

125cc Cobra ScooterThe front of the bike offers a striking relief. Rarely has a moped looked as mean as this on first appearance. Hidden behind a tinted glass fascia which blends in perfectly with the front cowl of the full beam and dipped headlights. Between them is a small air inlet fin arrangement for aerodynamics possibly cooling purposes for the scooter as well as the bikes logo.

The wheels are of the sport, “four curved spoke” variety and there is a short one-third mudguard at the top of the front wheel. This bike has aerodynamics written all over it, even the handlebar and real axis of of this motor scooter has been contoured to allow better air movement.

As you might well expect, having four headlights this moped boasts excellent visibility attributes, and alongside that, the central indicators are set just underneath and to the inside of the breaks. The instrument housing itself is a split screen affair designed to make it clear what speed you are going and the amount of fuel you have left along with the usual other information essentials.

The foot well is contoured and at first this gave us some concerns regarding the bike suitability for those with a larger frame. The seat is sloped with a protruding nose and was extremely comfortable to sit on offering support in just the right areas of the lower back. That being said most riders who you scooters for long periods of time will still suffer from the familiar “numb bum” after an hour of riding.

The back of the bike continues to sporty theme with the fairings being well clear of the wheel itself and this scooters suspension springs being clearly visible. The scooter’s exhaust gives the appearance of a professional shrouded piece of kit, although I doubt this is truly the case, it is most likely a hybrid at this price point. That being said on starting this moped was very quiet and showed no discernible rattling. Heat conductivity away from the 125cc engine is excellent.

The mudguard on the rear wheel of the scooter covered only 20% of its upper forward portion and there is a sport style mud flap hanging down from an in between the rear indicators.

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There is not sufficient room in the under seat compartment for a helmet and the free supplied top box will be an essential at all. In this case it comes with a very clear reflected safety strip which will help with visibility at night.

On mounting the 125cc cobra scooter it was clear that our reservations regarding the foot well were unfounded. And these did not interfere with the steering column and there is a sweet spot on the seat for most types of rider. The moped started first time and, for once we tried to kick start facility as well and this also was relatively easy to use after a couple of hefty pushes.

The engine is calibrated at just over 124 CC and managed nought to thirty in almost exactly 5 seconds, well within our preferred safety margin for safety and keeping the scooter able to run with the flow of traffic on all but the fastest of roads.

We rode the bike over a three-day period on a 42 mile round trip, not quite as far as some of the test runs we have done, apologies for that.

The moped achieved just over 85 miles per gallon, it is beaten by some of the others in the range but still represents excellent fuel economy compared with even the smallest of cars. It also managed 63 mph, and we are more certain than with any of the other scooters that with better airflow through the engine and exhaust it would be able to exceed this and possibly push above 65 mph. Although we do not recommend anybody other than an expert with the correct licence to tinker with their moped, we understand that, for some of you, this will be an important factor. Extra power potential is always a good thing to have.

The steering on the scooter is sharp and requires little in the way of lean. Despite the rear view mirrors being slightly closer than my own personal preference they pivot particularly well and offer a good view of your blind spot, though as you probably learned during your compulsory basic training, never forget to do your “lifesaver” before you pull out.

The overall engineering quality of this bike, like most of the others in this range is excellent.

This is not the cheapest scooter in the range that we review here but offers fantastic value.

If a 125cc scooter with sport styling, and engineering standards that compete with Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are what you’re after then the 125cc Cobra Moped 2103 model comes highly recommended and deserves its Triple-A rating.

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